When things get tough, we want you to be zen. This is why we created myAnesis.

myAnesis is a package of 7 free premium services that we offer you regardless of the insurance plan you choose. Premium enough for you to never leave your zen mode.

  • Auto pay-off: myZen pays directly the cooperating car repair shop for the car repair
  • Fast Pass: Full priority in service and repairing your car in all the cooperating car repair shops
  • Full Car Wash: Internal and external washing of your car, before delivery
  • Check 20: Technical inspection of 20 points
  • Guarantee: Written repair guarantee
  • Free Move: Replacement car for the entire duration of the repair, at no cost (upon availability)
  • Pick & Bring: Pick up and return of your car to the place of your choice

Service at a discount from 5% to 15%: Depending on your car’s brand you get a discount for your car service, which includes the work and spare parts of the insured vehicle at the myAnesis cooperating car repair shops.

Activation: myAnesis is activated only if you select it after filing a claim and in case you are entitled to compensation from myZen (through amicable settlement, Relax plan and other damages covered by your contract ie fire, theft, disasters, etc.).

Car Repair Shops Network

Car Repair Shops Network